Lord Mayor's Show Guide

For more than 800 years, the newly-elected Lord Mayor of London has been rowing, riding or marching off to the distant village of Westminster to swear loyalty to the Crown and begin his or her year in office. Over the centuries, that journey has became known as the Lord Mayor’s Show. It has been a medieval carnival, a renaissance spectacle and a military parade, and it is still the longest and most splendid civic procession in the world.

Illustrated London News, a content marketing agency, and also the oldest publisher in London, was assigned the task to support the annual show by designing and creating the Lord's Mayor Show Guide, a 'What's On' guide to the event and annual parade.


Illustrated London News required a London based print company that could execute the production of the show guide not only in tight times frames, but also to hit key dates within the schedule with multiple deliveries around the UK, as well the actual show date of the 9th November. Sure was awarded the contract of the show guide due to the service offering, location and quality shown.

"It was an absolute pleasure to partner Illustrated London News on product that supported an event with so much history, something we were really proud to produce. - Bradley Jones - Managing Director


"Working in partnership with Sure to produce this year’s Lord Mayors Show programme has been a pleasure from start to finish. Not only is their customer service excellent, the programme they produced is of the highest standards that I demand for any ILN publication". - David Gyseman

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